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Soft-Bus vehicle wash

You’d like to wash your bus
or camper van?

Our bus wash is ideally suited to vehicles
of up to 20 metres in length and has the
following features:

• Special soft brushes
• Rinse with soft rainwater
• Contour-following washing,
  therefore suitable for
  camper vans

  Buswaschanlage Berlin-Rummelsburg
car and bus wash - Berlin fleetwork-busport Berlin  
  fleetwork - Bus wash: +49 (30) 422 199 298
Opening times: Monday – Friday from 5am – 8pm
(with framework agreement 24 h)

Suitable for: Cars, busses, camper vans, transporters
and box-trucks of up to 20 metres in length.

> General terms of utilisation as a PDF

> Prices coach car wash as a PDF
  fleetwork Buswaschanlage
maximum vehicle size Some vehicle attachments
may make use of the bus
wash impossible due to the
fact that the special soft
brushes and overall sensi-
tivity of this unit is far higher
than standard commercial
vehicle washes.

   Soft-Bus Wash Prices (incl. 19% VAT)
   Special prices can be offered with a framework
   agreement. Please ask.

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8,00 €
Small van

11,00 €
Midibus &
camper van

up to 8 m
14,00 €
Bus &
camper van
up to 10m
21,00 €
Bus &
camper van

up to 12 m
26,00 €

up to 15 m
28 ,00 €
up to 18 m
32,00 €
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